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Competitive Intelligence - Where Do You Start?

Competitive Intelligence tends to address specific needs or fill competitive knowledge gaps due to a specific situation. These situations generally pertain to learning more about wins and trying hard to avoid losses. But where do these reactive...

Knowing Why You Lose Won't Always Help You Win

When you’re unhappy with your win/loss ratio, sales and marketing leaders naturally gravitate toward examining losses to find ways to turn things around. The reasoning is simple: When something’s broken, you look for ways to fix it. Maybe it was...

Defining your Ideal Customer Requires In-Depth Churn Analysis

The ideal customer is a concept every product company needs to define. And yet too often, we focus on the ideal buyer - that is, the one making the initial purchase. This approach is shortsighted, especially in the subscription economy, where as...

When I'm 74? Discerning when it's time to let it be

Sir Paul McCartney is still touring! I've loved Sir Paul as much as I've loved any musician ever; he, unlike anyone I can conjure, can be sweet and lyrical, yet also amaze us with down-n-dirty rock-n-roll, sometimes all in the same song,...

Why Would You Need a Psychologist to Analyze Market Research?

I was recently recruited to join the Eigenworks team as an analyst for buyer intelligence. It may come as a surprise to some that a market research company, specializing in win/loss analysis, would need psychologists on their team. In fact, it...

Sam Harris teaches us how to think ...

Some fascinating discussion by these two deep thinkers. So many ideas I would like to take into my own thinking.

Time to re-write your bio. It's not a history book.

I've been asked to speak at a number of really great events in the next few months, and they want a bio. I noticed that all of my professional bios are chronological, and dwell mostly on my experience in startups prior to founding Eigenworks in...

Will the Sales Department of the Future Report to Customer Success?

Roger Lee at Battery Ventures held a dinner for Customer Success leaders tonight in Oakland with about 35 people from their portfolio companies. The timing was not an accident; the dinner was deliberately held on the eve of Pulse 2016, the...

Before you apply, we want you to know who we are

We are about to hire a few social scientists. I'm really excited about this because it will help us scale something that it inherently difficult to scale. As such it's a bit of an experiment, but after doing win/loss analysis, churn analysis, and...

What is your Minimal Viable Investment in yourself?

Later this year, I will turn 45. And I'll tell you, Louis CK was right. Things slowly stop working at around 40, and by 45, there's no denying that the body, at least without a lot of attention, will just wear out

Is your Disorder Really your Genius?

Every person has a kind of genius. Sadly, many "geniuses" (instances of genius) appear as awkward, difficult, or maybe socially uncomfortable. This is mostly about other people, but unfortunately it means that many instances of genius get diminished...

Do you ever go on retreat? (vacation doesn't count)

Some professions have a tradition of going on retreat. I'm not talking here about vacatation with family or friends, although those are enjoyable and good for us. But I'm talking about an actual retreat, in which you take time away from the...

Don't be too proud of your product

A buyer's maturity should influence, even control, how you pitch your product. Immature buyers want to be educated, and want you to show them how they will be successful with the very basics of your service. They should also be able to access more...

Forget your resumé. Do an unsolicited loss analysis ...

You're applying, or interviewing for a big job? You're in sales, product, marketing, or biz dev? Forget sending your resumé out ... here's an idea that will get you noticed: Conduct an unsolicited loss analysis, gain insight into what's driving...

Why does Net Promoter Score fall short?

Everywhere you turn these days, someone wants to ask the Net Promoter Score question. When first introduced in an HBR article in 2003, it was a welcome way to simplify the customer discovery task. And NPS remains a useful tool.

Poll: Annual Churn Rates from #PulseConf2015

We were out in force at Pulse 2015, hosted by our friends at Gainsight. I spoke on the topic Lean Customer Success: Discovering Your Customer Story, and was really happy to see over 200 people attend my talk. I did some live polling using a...

Come see us at Pulse 2015! (And, what is #CustomerSuccess all about?)

We are excited to to sponsor Pulse 2015, hosted by Gainsight. If you are interested in #CustomerSuccess, this will be the place to be.

How to get feedback on lost deals

Many people who contact me about win/loss analysis are really only interested in loss analysis, or in understanding why they lose. They think they know why they win business, but are puzzled about why they lose, and they believe that they can learn...

Dear Alan: 15 minute interview guide for Win/Loss Analysis?

I recently had a request asking for help to design a win/loss analysis interview. As this topic has general applicability across industries, I thought I'd share some of that exchange with you, dear readers.

Does sales really "own" the customer relationship?

I hear this all the time: "Sales owns the customer relationship." Not true, folks. If it is true at your company, you've got a problem.

Buyer Relationships: I do not think it means what you think it means

Tweet this: @AWArmstrong: Buyer Relationships: I do not think it means what you think it means http://bit.ly/ocLWXl #sales #marketing #prodmgmt

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing, Part 2

A good friend and colleague of mine, Michael Papanek, once implored me to "keep the main thing". In fact,

Positioning beyond the product: Think relationship

When I say "positioning", what do you think of?

How can Win/Loss Analysis help you find untapped markets?

By Alan Armstrong

The Factory vs. The Lab: Leaders know which is which, and mistakes are costly


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