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Join the Conversation on Win/Loss

Back in October, a couple of us from the Eigenworks office attended the inaugural Competitive Marketing Summit in Denver, Colorado.  

This two-day event billed itself as “the #1 competitive intelligence conference dedicated to the high tech...

Companies Getting Creative for Customer Success: Highlights from Pulse Europe

Customer Success is finally hitting the mainstream. It’s one of the fastest-growing professions in North America, and now it’s taking off in Europe too.

Putting Customers First: How Companies are Reinventing Themselves

Today I’m at Pulse World Tour in Austin!

A Fresh Take on Your Competitive Intelligence Program

Ever felt unfocused and reactive in your CI efforts? Like you’re spinning your wheels?

On the Road in Boston, Fired Up about Customer Success

Today I’m delighted to be at a Customer Success forum in Boston -- part of Gainsight’s Pulse World Tour. It’s one of three such events this month in Boston, Austin, and Chicago, and I’ll be at each one. As CEO Nick Mehta always says: “Who’s fired...

Pressure-Test Your Buyers' Decisions

You want to get the truth from your buyers. As we’re fond of saying at Eigenworks, your customer is lying to you. It’s a provocative statement, but it's also a true one: your customers hide their true selves from you. The real win/loss process...

What to Consider Before Entering a New Market

Consider this scenario:you’re a new vendor about to enter the market - or you’re an established vendor about to launch a new product, or expand into a new market. You’re new, is the key factor: this isn’t a space you’ve sold product in before. 


Whether or Which One: Assessing the Buyer

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re talking to the wrong person?

Identify and Diagnose Customer Churn

Our latest article has been published courtesy our friends at Pragmatic Marketing. In Identify and Diagnose Customer Churn we cover everything you need to know about the orbits of a potential customer. We’ve taken the classic sales model of sales...

Budget Isn't The Problem: Mistaking Churn Triggers for Churn Reasons

At Eigenworks our views are always evolving, always growing, as we come to understand churn more deeply than we did before and how it affects your business. Today we want to talk about churn triggers and reasons for churn - what they are, why...

Win/Loss Analysis: Get Clear Before You Get Going

In our last article we discussed how to narrow down a large pool of customers into an appropriate number for win/loss - how, if you’re a company with thousands of customers, the best techniques you should employ for getting the [[twenty to thirty...

Win/Loss Analysis: Whom Do I Choose?

It is easy for a small company to select participants for win/loss analysis. Small companies, by definition, tend not to have a particularly deep backlog of clients, at least in the B2B world. If you’ve only ever had twenty clients then selecting...

The Dos and Don’ts of Talking To A Churning Customer

A customer is leaving you, choosing to churn rather than renew. Naturally, you’re devastated: whether this churn is Sudden Change (unexpected) or a Failure to Thrive (a long time coming), it still hurts. Nobody likes to lose a customer, and your...

Complacency: Are You Really Winning?

Too often, when flush with victory, we grow overconfident and start attributing our success to skill or virtue, rather than luck or happenstance. At Eigenworks we see the results of this overconfidence all the time when we study churn - the...

Customer Success: A Holistic Approach

In Classical mythology, the titan Atlas was forced to bear the weight of the sky on his shoulders: the stars, the planets, the entire cosmology of the universe as the Greeks understood it. It was a thankless, painful, miserable job. It was, in...

Continuity of Service: Why You Need To Retain Your People

In a world in which ‘new’ is always being hyped as being better and desirable, there’s something to be said for retaining the familiar, especially when it comes to our interactions with our clients. Clients crave consistency, of knowing that...

Why Your Lost Buyer Gets On The Phone

So you got pretty badly burned during your last sale. Things started off well, and with the best intentions - a vendor and a buyer coming together to form a partnership, one providing the tools the other would use to reach success. Only things...

Know When To Fold 'Em: Accepting Unavoidable Churn

Much of what we do at Eigenworks is aimed at helping companies retain customers. We seek to understand why customers leave or “churn”, and identify strategies that can help retain more of them in the future.

Why are we winning so much?

Internal beliefs are interesting, and sometimes misleading. Companies can develop a shared understanding of the truth and work with that set of beliefs, even in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Thoughts on Pulse 2018 -- I’m Fired Up!

It’s been two weeks since Pulse 2018, and I’m still reflecting on this awesome event.

The Robust Delusion: Over Selling The Product

In your day-to-day life, if someone told you that a new commercially-available, off-the-shelf vitamin pill was the cure for any illness - from the common cold through to terminal diseases - you would very likely regard the claim with skepticism....

Are You A Vendor Or A Partner?

In the B2B world there are two kinds of companies: those who are merely interested in selling to their buyers, and those who genuinely want to be a partner in helping their buyers achieve their goals. The former are always eager to make deals and...

The Gaps in Win/Loss Analysis: Why Sales Doesn't Have the Full Story.

Hanging Out With “My People” Next Week At Pulse 2018

On Monday, I’ll be in San Mateo for the biggest customer success event of the year – Pulse 2018, hosted by Gainsight.

Is Win/Loss Analysis Too Sensitive To Share?

After a month of interviews, analysis, data slicing, and late nights, your win/loss analysis is ready for release. You send it out with a solemn hope that your keen insights have shaped a report worth reading - but within three hours harsh words...

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