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A Fresh Take on Your Competitive Intelligence Program

Ever felt unfocused and reactive in your CI efforts? Like you’re spinning your wheels?

I’m going to share a new approach to CI in a webinar I'm hosting on October 31. I hope you’ll consider joining me to learn a fresh and strategic approach to CI.


You’ll learn how to apply the Agile framework to get traction in your program. "Agile" is a concept borrowed from software development, intended to help teams build and innovate faster and work together more effectively.

At Eigenworks, we’ve taken four key Agile concepts and applied them to CI so you can reap the benefits of this way of thinking. You’ll learn how to foster:

  • Continuous delivery of buyer insights
  • Buyer-centric teams working together to achieve results
  • A willingness to be responsive to emerging questions
  • A culture of collaboration and evidence-seeking

An important part of the Agile framework is having a steady stream of questions at the ready. So, we’ll also talk about how to find and prioritize questions to investigate.

I’ll show you how to break down a big, unfocused question into several smaller assumptions that are easy to test.

And finally, we’ll take a look at that awesome tool, the Kanban board, that helps you visualize, track, and propel forward your projects and timelines. The beauty of Kanban is that all you need is a whiteboard, markers, and sticky notes!

Sign up now for a free hour of learning alongside colleagues in CI, marketing, sales, and product development. If you’re curious and like asking questions, I think you’ll enjoy yourself and take away some good insights about how to improve your CI program.

See you there!

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