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Come see us at Pulse 2015! (And, what is #CustomerSuccess all about?)

We are excited to to sponsor Pulse 2015, hosted by Gainsight. If you are interested in #CustomerSuccess, this will be the place to be.

The subscription ecGainsightonomy means that tech vendors need to continually win the business of their customers. This puts really healthy pressure on logo-darktech vendors to ensure customers are deriving (and perceiving) value from the services they subscribe to. If you can fire your vendor every month, your vendor is naturally motivated to make sure you're happy, and even more, that you're deriving value, however you measure that.

InfluitiveThus a new role has emerged, called Customer Success, and companies everywhere (including Eigenworks!) are establishing Customer Success function. But customer success goes beyond just a department. Recently, Chad Horenfeldt at Influitive put it really succinctly: Customer Success should not be thought of as a department. At Influitive, he said, its part of the company's DNA.

It's great to have the name for the function of Customer Success. For me as CEO, it helps me focus my team on the outcome we are deriving ... it gives me a language to describe something that I have always felt in my bones. And language (including job titles) are important. But I think that most of what I learned about customer success, I learned from watching my father, who owned and ran a small business for 30-some years. As a child, I knew that my dad's success depended on the way that he and his staff served their customers. It was everything.

It's good to see that kind of dedication coming to the products we build and sell. I look forward mixing with leaders in this space next week!

Please drop by and say hello...

- Alan

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