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Surprise us: Seeking examples of SURPRISING positioning statements

We write a lot here, and we hope that it helps you. Now I'm looking for your input. Can you help? If you do, I will feature you on our blog. But I need the responses within 1 day!

The request

I am looking for examples of positioning that takes the buyer by surprise. The classic example of this is AVIS, as told and retold by Ries and Trout in their classic books on marketing and positioning. Avis: We are only #2AVIS was not the leader in its category, so it claimed a different position: "We are only #2, but we try harder." Very few companies would be willing to admit that they have a #2 position, but AVIS did, and it was a successful move.

Why? Because Hertz - then the market leader - could not dispute the claim. "At Avis, the lines are shorter!" How could Hertz argue with that? Hertz is/was the leader, so they must have longer lines! (This was before the no-checking Gold service.)

I believe that positioning statements need to be surprising. Too many positioning statements are ineffective because they are boring, and frankly, not believable.

Some examples of useless, un-believable positioning:

  • your companies claim to be a leading vendor when you are really a trailing vendor in your space
  • you are not leading in the main space, so you say you are the leader in a space that no one cares about

Boring. Ineffective.

Can you help? Find examples of surprising positioning statements!

I would like your input here. Please comment below, or email me, with examples of positioning statements that are surprising, unique, and disarming.

Fame will be yours

I need your responses within 1 day. I will write an article discussing the responses. All the super-compelling examples will be highlighted on our blog, with a shout out to your LinkedIN profile, a picture of you if you like, or a link to a page or article about you.

- Alan

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