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SV PCamp proposed session: It's never about price

By Alan Armstrong

I've proposed a session for Product Camp Silicon Valley on April 2. Here's what I want to discuss.

Why do you win? Why do you lose? Why do deals get "stuck" in the pipeline, slipping from quarter to quarter out of your control?

I've been interviewing B2B buyers full time now for about 3 years (and frequently as an employed product manager for about 15 years before that), and with a few hundred interviews under my belt I've started to notice some trends. While your sales team complains mainly about price and product features, your buyers rarely make decisions based solely on those factors.

I repeat: It's never about price.

I have proposed a session about this at Product Camp Silicon Valley. In that session I will review the most common reasons for B2B purchase decisions and present some models for thinking about product purchase decisions.

If you want to hear more, please consider voting for my session here:

It's never about price ... CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Even if you can't make it, send me a note and I will share some of my slides with you after the event.

Here are some other talks that I hope to see accepted for presentation:

- Alan

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