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The new enterprise boom?

Investors have been down on enterprise software for the last few years, but lately there has been a resurgence of interest in the sector. As Tech Crunch put it, "many investors believe a new wave of more disruptive, more sophisticated cloud-based services is bubbling up."

On January 7, Tech Crunch will be interviewing enterprise VC Jason Green onthis exact topic. What are the dynamics of this next phase of enterprise software innovation?

The interview will be taped on January 7 and presumably streamed or rebroadcast from the site. In the mean time, they are asking for questions. I've submitted mine:

How do you think sales and marketing are evolving, and where do they need to go? Everyone is so jazzed about reducing 80% of opex not related to developing the software ... software without a POC, no Sales Engineer, sometimes no sales person ... what does sales and marketing look like in the new enterprise?
The investment cycle for enterprise software sector is critcial to many of your careers. I encourage you to check out this interview, and submit your questions! I will write a report on the interview when it's available.
Here's a link to the article introducing the topic:
- Alan

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