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Do you ever go on retreat? (vacation doesn't count)

Some professions have a tradition of going on retreat. I'm not talking here about vacatation with family or friends, although those are enjoyable and good for us. But I'm talking about an actual retreat, in which you take time away from the oridnary world to be removed from the ordinary, away from schedule and typical routine, and present to something bigger than your day-to-day work.

I've just returned from my own 2016 retreat. I went to Nicaragua with a group of 10 yogis led by a wonderful teacher, Donna Poulidis of Prana Fitness.  My purpose was to reboot my own yoga practice, which has been basically non-existent for over 2 years. 

I had a great time, and noticed some real improvements in how I felt as the week progressed. In forward fold, I could almost touch the ground on day 7! I managed a very brief, but very definite, wheel pose, which I haven't done confidently for well over three years. 

There are many ways to retreat, but I think the main thing is just to pick something and do it. I think it should be about taking care of yourself, or going deeper into something that is outside your vocational world. 

I've committed to maintaining a daily yoga practice as a result of this week away. It's a bit nerve wracking to say it "out loud" (publish it here!), but I really need it. My body needs it. And my business and family lives won't be much good at all if I don't take care of this.

When you think of a retreat for yourself, what comes to mind? I'd love to hear if you decide to do something! - AAlan_at_Volcano_Masaya.jpg

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