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Introducing the Chalk Talks: An Insider's Look At Win/Loss Analysis

Every day at Eigenworks we talk about the psychology of sales. Every day we debate the meaning of churn and the best way to manage retention. Every day we come into work and transform into philosophers, ready at any moment to stake a claim to the unvarnished truth about Win/Loss Analysis - and we can't keep our insights to ourselves.

The faces of Win/Loss Analysis
A key metric of being Agile is to provide continuous value, which means that even before our content is finished, we think you deserve to have a window into what it is we're doing - what we're thinking, what we're planning, and where we are headed. Introducing the Chalk Talks: they are off-the-cuff and a little rough around the edges - but they're 100% authentic. We hope you find the discussions as valuable as we do, and that you'll join the conversation if you've got something to say.





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