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Learning Agility for Competitive Intelligence

The principles of Agile for software development are nothing new. In fact, Agile has been around for over 15 years, after it was first coined by software developers in 2001. At that time, 12 Agile Principles for Software Development were formed, as well as the Agile Manifesto, which are today overseen by the Agile Alliance.

In recent years, Agile has undergone a transformation. Modern Agile is a new concept introduced by a community of Agile professionals to help simplify the relative complexities of the traditional Agile principles and broaden the relevance to areas beyond software development.

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Certainly, Agile is important to more than just software development, right?


Agile has grown significantly across business sectors in the past few years. It’s becoming a project management go-to for businesses across North America and beyond. Over the next three days, in fact, there is a Business Agility Conference held in New York City. It will cover a range of topics, from understanding how to apply Business Agile to ‘corporate behemoths’ to navigating ways to embed Agile into company culture. Agile is starting to pop up everywhere. This is the first conference of its kind, and the coordinators express that ‘the demand is clear.’

Naturally, we’ve decided to take Agile to a new place.

Over the coming weeks, we are beginning to develop an Agile Approach to Competitive Intelligence. From what we can tell, nothing like it exists. And from what we know in buyer intelligence, it needs to.

Alan Armstrong and I are attending the Business Agility Conference this week, and we’re pumped. We see this as the beginning of a new quest for Eigenworks and we’re calling it Agility for Competitive Intelligence.

We can’t wait to show you what comes out of it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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