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Don't be too proud of your product

A buyer's maturity should influence, even control, how you pitch your product. Immature buyers want to be educated, and want you to show them how they will be successful with the very basics of your service. They should also be able to access more when they are ready.

But many product companies are product-proud. They are naturally proud of their product features, and train sales to sell product features. Doing this can overwhelm an immature buyer.


  • Teach your sales team how to measure each buyer's maturity, and tailor the sales approach on that basis; don't show too much product power to an immature buyer, and don't bore a mature buyer! And, immature buyers might want to know you will ensure they succeed.
  • Product editions / trim should be tailored for different stages of maturity and provide room to grow.

One way to determine the maturity of your buyers is to profile the buyers using win/loss and churn analysis. You will be astonished at how much you can learn ... and if you can't learn it on your own, let us know, we can help.

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