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On the Road in Boston, Fired Up about Customer Success

Today I’m delighted to be at a Customer Success forum in Boston -- part of Gainsight’s Pulse World Tour. It’s one of three such events this month in Boston, Austin, and Chicago, and I’ll be at each one. As CEO Nick Mehta always says: “Who’s fired up?!!”


Gainsight describes it like this: “we’re packing our bags and taking the latest strategies on the road to share with Customer Success professionals all over the country.” If you’ve ever been to Pulse events, you know what to expect: great speakers, thought-provoking topics, and the chance to connect with lots of talented people in the Customer Success world. Today I’m looking forward to hearing from Nick and other Gainsight Customer Success leaders, as well as speakers from HubSpot, Mitel, Drift, Sprinklr, Athenahealth, MCG Health, Crimson Hexagon, PTC, and Bain & Company.

I had the chance to talk to a few of them ahead of time to see what’s on their mind when it comes to Customer Success.

Jonathan Corbin, VP of Customer Success at Sprinklr, is going to be part of a panel discussion on how to make Customer Success a company-wide mentality. Customer retention is going to become increasingly important, he says, because in a SaaS environment, the payback period on a new subscription can be 18 to 24 months. Companies simply can’t afford to lose their customers.

Sam Cummings, Gainsight’s Data Science Team Lead, is going to present with Jeff Wiessler, VP of Business Architecture at Mitel, on the learnings from their ongoing engagement. They’ve been working together on a data discovery project, and Sam will describe how a company like Mitel can roll up its sleeves and “dig into some of these cross-functional desires to get insights.” He says: “We all should be driving toward further predictiveness and the ability to be proactive.”

It’s going to be a fun and informative day. I’ll post highlights in my next blog, and you can follow along with me and visit the Chicago and Austin events too later in October. Then, on November 8-9, I’ll be at a Pulse Europe event in London, UK. Yes, I’m fired up about Customer Success!

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