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I clicked "Play", mommy

I must share this story with you. It's a tale of two generations, two personae, the best of times, the worst of times. Perhaps two of your users?

Emotional intelligence?

This has nothing to do with anything in product management, but maybe something to do with how well you get along with your co-workers, and your emotional intelligence. I just thought it was cool. Here's a site that allows you to rate your own...

Sales Axiom: Sales is not customer service

Being in sales is an interesting experience. So much of it is about self perception and perception of others. I have worked for my whole career with sales people, and often shook my head at some of the reactionary behavior, but having been in the...

Pragmatic's Steve Johnson: Strategy is over-rated

I caught up today with Steve Johnson, arguably the world's foremost, and most entertaining, educator on Product Management. The interview started off calmly, but somewhat off-message, with Steve talking about how sometimes, tactical activities are...

Facebook Developer Terms: Is there a lawyer in the house?

If I asked you whether you were concerned about privacy on facebook, what would come into your mind? Many people are thinking about personal information, and how that information will be collected and used. I won't wade too deeply into personal...

GeneTree ... are you serious?

A couple of things up front:

Xobni: Cleaning up email

If this product works as advertised, it will help a lot of us. Email has become the unstructured data repository from hell. I read somewhere that up to 80% of corporate data sits in email somewhere. Filing email into folders is fine for some...

Measuring the selling cycle

When I talk to Product Managers about Win/Loss Analysis, one of the first steps I suggest is to analyze the sales funnel to find out where we are losing traction. (Normally I'm focused on places we're losing traction, but the same thinking applies...

To the sales people, you are just a chicken

In my first post on this blog, I mentioned that I had taken on a full-time sales role for the first time. Every one of you should consider a role in sales for a year or two ... it is a real education.

Thank you Plaxo: You synchronize my life

For years I have wanted this service. Some promised, but no one delivered. And now along comes Plaxo.

Corporate Blogs redux

I've had a few good responses to the questions about corporate blogs, but only a few out of several hundred hits.

Question for you: Corporate Blogs

I mentioned earlier that my company has a blog. So, what's new about that? Well, like many things, there are good blogs, bad blogs, and good and bad corporate blogs. I dislike blogs that are blatant marketing pitches, and it's clear that readers...

SaaS for Systems Integrators: Danger lies ahead

I recently posted an entry on my company's blog. And the previous sentence has the highest density of self-interested links per word than any other on our blog. In that corporate blog entry, I drew on the context vs. core argument I made in a ...

How Different People Handle Change

As a Product Manager, you are required to deal with all parts of the company, from marketing to development to finance to operations to the executive team; you need to be able to work with all of them. Furthermore, you are often an agent of...

Starbucks and iTunes: The new click-and-mortar channel for music?

I wasn’t fortunate enough to be in Seattle or New York today, the initial two cities selected for the launch of the iTunes / Starbucks wifi store. The news is that the user experience is smooth, even if there were a few initial glitches along...

Que você disse? OPM translated into Portuguese

Well this is a nice surprise for us. Our blog is being translated into Portuguese! If imitation is the highest form of flattery, translation is right up there.

Waiter: SE, Salesperson, or Product Manager?

Often when I am eating out, I ask the waiter for a recommendation. And so often the response is the same: the waiter responds by telling me what she prefers. Frankly, I don't care what my waiter prefers! In fact, when I imagine my waiter eating, it...

Good PR or another bad pricing move?

If things come in three, I'm expecting another example of bad pricing policy to come my way in the next 24 hours. I just finished writing about how my shoe cobbler is leaving money on the table when along came another prime example of it.

Honey, I bought the Phone. Confessions from the Cambridge Apple Store.

I have a perfectly good Blackberry 8200 series, but I've been waiting for a chance to hit the Apple store to check out the iPhone. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you know that we've been paying attention to this product launch.

Value-based pricing

One day last week, my sandals broke. One of the straps just came undone at the seams. These were pretty nice sandals; I got them on sale for $75, but they retail at about $200 in Canada, and there were in otherwise good shape. So I decided to get...

Here’s the Deal with Biz Dev (Part I)

Saeed has posted two fairly provocative items about business development. (Here are the first and the second.) Frankly, Saeed, you're not following your own advice. To paraphrase you, "Enough with the missives about Biz Dev".

SaaS: A revolt against Enterprise Software

How many failed enterprise IT projects will it take: 'til too many people have died?

OK, the Bob Dylan reference may be overkill, but SaaS represents a revolt against the sins of enterprise software past. The challenge today selling enterprise...

Software as a Service: Just a delivery model?

I was speaking yesterday with someone in charge of the SaaS initiative at a very large technology company. In the conversation he described Software as a Service (SaaS) as a "delivery model". Now of course SaaS is a delivery model, but it is not ...

And another thing. Software demos need serious help

Most product demos are really terrible. SEs - at least a lot of the ones that I've seen - love to focus on the product features, but forget that they have an audience with specific goals and problems, and the audience doesn't really care about...

Why I hate PowerPoint

I hate PowerPoint. I hate what it has done to modern meetings, and I hate the fact that it is expected that one will produce slides for each meeting. Am I being a little strong here? Maybe the verb should be lament. Yes, I lament the dominance...

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