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Hanging Out With “My People” Next Week At Pulse 2018

On Monday, I’ll be in San Mateo for the biggest customer success event of the year – Pulse 2018, hosted by Gainsight.

I love going to Pulse because customer success is the whole reason I’m in business. Customer success people are my people!

I sometimes say that I learned everything I know about customer success from watching my father run our small family business while I grew up. Our family livelihood depended on my parents being able to really understand their customers’ journey (although we didn’t call it a “journey,” back then).


Today, I feel like I’ve come full circle in our client engagements at  Eigenworks, where we help companies get the real story on their buyers – win/loss analysis, understanding and diagnosing churn, and helping analyze customer growth.

That’s why customer success is important to me. And it’s why I’m excited to be at Pulse 2018. For me, this is a unique opportunity to reconnect with many friends and clients and to be inspired by people who are incredibly committed to customer success. Keynote speakers Beth Comstock, Geoffrey Moore, Nick Mehta, Krista Anderson, and Lincoln Murphy, among others, are sure to be amazing.


And as emcee for the Case Study Theater track, I’m looking forward to meeting some impressive people and hearing them talk about everything customer success-related: online communities, scaling engagement, customer onboarding and training, forecasting, and much more.

My first year at Pulse was back in 2013. It’s been fascinating to see the event grow from a few hundred people back then to more than 5,000 attendees in 2018. Some highlights I recall …


… At Pulse 2014, Eigenworks unveiled our Buyer as Hero™ approach to win/loss and churn analysis interviews. I got up on stage and wielded a lightsaber as I talked about Joseph Campbell, Luke Skywalker, and the archetypal “hero’s journey.”

… At Pulse 2017, we introduced our Buyer as Hero™ Toolkit to help companies merge data and dialog in order to truly understand their customers’ buying decisions.


… And Gainsight always pulls out the stops on the fun factor. For Pulse 2018 they’re promising food trucks, art cars, live music from the ‘80s band Tainted Love, and a full-size Ferris wheel.

This year, Eigenworks is cooking up a new model to diagnose the dysfunction that can come up in your land/expand strategies. I’m going to be soliciting some feedback at Pulse. As we continue to develop the buyer-as-hero approach, we’re marrying the hero’s journey with the land/expand model for a new perspective on the customer journey and customer churn. We’re getting close to releasing this as a diagnostic tool for churn after we incorporate insights gathered next week.

If you’re going to be at Pulse, drop by and say “hi,” and let’s talk customer success!

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