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Putting Customers First: How Companies are Reinventing Themselves

Today I’m at Pulse World Tour in Austin!


Gainsight is taking the Customer Success conversation on the road this fall, from Boston to Austin to Chicago, and then to London and Sydney.  In each city, Customer Success practitioners have the chance to network and learn about the latest strategies and practices.

image_from_iosOf course I couldn’t possibly pass up an opportunity to interview interesting people; with all of this great thinking going on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to dialog with some of the speakers about what they see emerging this season. I managed to catch several of them for a convo, and wanted to share some insights with you all here.

At Sprinklr: Jonathan Corbin, VP Customer Success, described how his company has streamlined the customer journey from 15 touchpoints to five to create a holistic, non-siloed customer experience.

At Crimson Hexagon: Dana Miller, CCO & SVP Client Services, told me about redefining customer segments and matching CSMs to the particular needs of each segment in a strategic way.

At ADP: Erin Siemens, SVP Client Success Management, and Nithya Narasimhan, VP Client Success, told me how they’re using data-driven health scores to transform a reactive client management approach to a proactive one.

image_from_ios-1I’ll be writing about all of this in greater depth over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I’d value your input. Shoot me a note on LinkedIn or drop me a line on Twitter. If you’re at a Pulse event, come over and tell me what you think is important for Customer Success and how your organization is innovating.

And of course, if you want to find out how you can get better insights into how to drive customer growth, customer acquisition, and prevent future churn, I’d be happy to discuss. We’ve studied several thousand buyer decisions, and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

For now, I’ll leave the final word with Steve Monti, VP Customer Success at Centro, who will speak at Pulse Chicago about how to foster a customer-centric environment.

Steve says that what he loves most about Pulse is that while Gainsight is front and center, they make a point of keeping the event non-commercialized. “It is truly about community. I really value what they’re doing for the community and the industry.”

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