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Looking Back, Looking Ahead: It’s All About Getting Buyer Insights

 2018 was a good year for Eigenworks. We helped a growing number of clients get buyer insights to improve their sales and marketing and understand their customers and the competition. It was gratifying to hear feedback like:

“Eigenworks has...

A Fresh Take on Your Competitive Intelligence Program

Ever felt unfocused and reactive in your CI efforts? Like you’re spinning your wheels?

Introducing the Chalk Talks: An Insider's Look At Win/Loss Analysis

Every day at Eigenworks we talk about the psychology of sales. Every day we debate the meaning of churn and the best way to manage retention. Every day we come into work and transform into philosophers, ready at any moment to stake a claim to the...

Delivering Continuous Value in Competitive Intelligence

We’ve written previously about Competitive Intelligence and how Agile principles can help teams get ahead of the curve, rather than reacting to sales panic.

When Agile Met Sally: An Introduction to Common-Sense Solutions

Across Industries, Agile is the Uncommon Mastery of Common-Sense Solutions

There’s an old adage that anyone who’s looked at a cat door has said to themselves ‘I could have invented that’ - but ‘could have’ is a long way from ‘did.’ A cat door is...

Why I Use Kanban

When I Use It and When I Don’t.

By now you have probably seen the image of the team standing a at a whiteboard or office wall studying a colorful mosaic of stickies.The board doesn’t always look the same: sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s...

Your Competitive Intelligence Needs to Get Agile: Here’s How.

Most Competitive Intelligence (CI) people I talk to face a constant barrage of sales support questions, requests for competitor-killing presentations, and – my favorite – demands for that killer product feature that no competitors can match....

Upcoming Talk at SCIP 2017: Start With Buy

Start With Buy: Blackbaud Fires Up a Buyer-Centric Competitive Intelligence Program Using an Agile Approach

Why We Created Agile Competitive Intelligence and What That Means for You

In a recent post, written while we attended the Business Agility Conference in New York City, we gave you a brief overview of the Agile Manifesto and its history. We mentioned that we were developing an Agile approach to competitive intelligence...

Learning Agility for Competitive Intelligence

The principles of Agile for software development are nothing new. In fact, Agile has been around for over 15 years, after it was first coined by software developers in 2001. At that time, 12 Agile Principles for Software Development were formed,...

Guest Post: There's no such thing as MEDIUM

NOTE: The following is a guest post by Tzvika Barenholz, a Product Manager living and working in Israel. If you feel inspired to write a guest post of your own, click here to find out how to submit it to us.


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