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Companies Getting Creative for Customer Success: Highlights from Pulse Europe

Customer Success is finally hitting the mainstream. It’s one of the fastest-growing professions in North America, and now it’s taking off in Europe too.

Customer Success: A Holistic Approach

In Classical mythology, the titan Atlas was forced to bear the weight of the sky on his shoulders: the stars, the planets, the entire cosmology of the universe as the Greeks understood it. It was a thankless, painful, miserable job. It was, in...

Thoughts on Pulse 2018 -- I’m Fired Up!

It’s been two weeks since Pulse 2018, and I’m still reflecting on this awesome event.

Keeping the ‘Win’ in ‘Win/Loss Analysis’

It’s the end of the quarter, and your company has had a disappointing run. The rollout of your new SaaS product failed to meet sales targets - subscriptions aren’t what they should be, and many potential buyers didn’t end-up buying like you...

Your Resume: A Product Positioning Exercise

A 20-something friend of mine (let’s call him ‘Arthur’) recently wrote to me asking for a critique on his resume and advice on how to find a position he might enjoy. His resume contained a ton of interesting experience (he called it 'eclectic'),...

Buyer/Seller Relationships: When is Personal Unprofessional?

Every seller I know relies on their relationship skills. It’s natural and essential to build rapport with prospects and buyers: we depend on sellers, and many are very, very good.

"We try harder" Ain't Enough: Differentiate Based On Client Experience


Please delete your first three slides (or move them)

By Alan Armstrong

Raise your hand if your standard pitch deck starts a bit like this:

Marketing Blur: (Information Overload)^10

Your market is overwhelmed with information. What can you do about it?

WWANPD (What would a normal person do?)

I was walking with my friend Michael last week in the Oakland hills, and he came out with the most hilarious question: What would a normal person do?

How You Should Handle Being Stood Up

I'm typing this on my iPhone after just having been stood up for an appointment ... actually just a beer with a colleague.

How does one handle such things? Is it a personal affront? Should I be upset? Hold it against the person? Or overly...

Games Management Plays: Guess What's in the Envelope

Some of you will be too young to remember Johnny Carson playing Carnac the Magnificent. But I am guessing you've seen this game before. On the Carson show, Johnny would hold an envelope to his head, pretend to intuit a phrase, then open the...

What's in an icon? Google's Corporate Brand

Have you noticed that Google recently changed its standard icon? Below are the three instances of Google's "favicon.ico" that I am aware of.

How Different People Handle Change

As a Product Manager, you are required to deal with all parts of the company, from marketing to development to finance to operations to the executive team; you need to be able to work with all of them. Furthermore, you are often an agent of...

Why I hate PowerPoint

I hate PowerPoint. I hate what it has done to modern meetings, and I hate the fact that it is expected that one will produce slides for each meeting. Am I being a little strong here? Maybe the verb should be lament. Yes, I lament the dominance...


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