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Who owns churn analysis?

I often get asked who should own churn analysis for SaaS companies. It's a tough question because the discipline of customer success is still being defined, and many companies are just establishing customer success departments.

Learn about Churn, Churn, Churn at Pulse 2017!

It's event season at Eigenworks, as we prepare for our first of two big events in May (and a third quickly approaching in June). May 9-11 marks the massive Customer Success Conference Pulse 2017, hosted by Gainsight. We've attended for the last...

Defining your Ideal Customer Requires In-Depth Churn Analysis

The ideal customer is a concept every product company needs to define. And yet too often, we focus on the ideal buyer - that is, the one making the initial purchase. This approach is shortsighted, especially in the subscription economy, where as...

Will the Sales Department of the Future Report to Customer Success?

Roger Lee at Battery Ventures held a dinner for Customer Success leaders tonight in Oakland with about 35 people from their portfolio companies. The timing was not an accident; the dinner was deliberately held on the eve of Pulse 2016, the...

Poll: Annual Churn Rates from #PulseConf2015

We were out in force at Pulse 2015, hosted by our friends at Gainsight. I spoke on the topic Lean Customer Success: Discovering Your Customer Story, and was really happy to see over 200 people attend my talk. I did some live polling using a...

Come see us at Pulse 2015! (And, what is #CustomerSuccess all about?)

We are excited to to sponsor Pulse 2015, hosted by Gainsight. If you are interested in #CustomerSuccess, this will be the place to be.


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