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Looking Back, Looking Ahead: It’s All About Getting Buyer Insights

 2018 was a good year for Eigenworks. We helped a growing number of clients get buyer insights to improve their sales and marketing and understand their customers and the competition. It was gratifying to hear feedback like:

“Eigenworks has...

Putting Customers First: How Companies are Reinventing Themselves

Today I’m at Pulse World Tour in Austin!

On the Road in Boston, Fired Up about Customer Success

Today I’m delighted to be at a Customer Success forum in Boston -- part of Gainsight’s Pulse World Tour. It’s one of three such events this month in Boston, Austin, and Chicago, and I’ll be at each one. As CEO Nick Mehta always says: “Who’s fired...

Complacency: Are You Really Winning?

Too often, when flush with victory, we grow overconfident and start attributing our success to skill or virtue, rather than luck or happenstance. At Eigenworks we see the results of this overconfidence all the time when we study churn - the...

Customer Success: A Holistic Approach

In Classical mythology, the titan Atlas was forced to bear the weight of the sky on his shoulders: the stars, the planets, the entire cosmology of the universe as the Greeks understood it. It was a thankless, painful, miserable job. It was, in...

Thoughts on Pulse 2018 -- I’m Fired Up!

It’s been two weeks since Pulse 2018, and I’m still reflecting on this awesome event.

Hanging Out With “My People” Next Week At Pulse 2018

On Monday, I’ll be in San Mateo for the biggest customer success event of the year – Pulse 2018, hosted by Gainsight.

Customer Success Conversations Podcast: CS and Churn Analysis

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Joseph from CustomerSuccessManager.com. Adam is the host of the Customer Success Conversations podcast, which brings in champions of customer success to talk about the burgeoning discipline –...

Do you instrument to prevent downgrades?

Do your SaaS customers downgrade service? If so I wonder if you instrument for the kind of user behavior that might help you prevent service downgrades, or net-negative revenue churn. Do you use your customer's own data to demonstrate what they...

Strike Up The Band: Customer Success and Pulse NYC 2017

Last week Eigenworks had the thrill of travelling to New York City to attend the NYC leg of the 2017 Pulse World Tour. With Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and the good people at Work-Bench as our gracious hosts, we joined a passionate group of sales...

Who owns churn analysis?

I often get asked who should own churn analysis for SaaS companies. It's a tough question because the discipline of customer success is still being defined, and many companies are just establishing customer success departments.

Learn about Churn, Churn, Churn at Pulse 2017!

It's event season at Eigenworks, as we prepare for our first of two big events in May (and a third quickly approaching in June). May 9-11 marks the massive Customer Success Conference Pulse 2017, hosted by Gainsight. We've attended for the last...

Defining your Ideal Customer Requires In-Depth Churn Analysis

The ideal customer is a concept every product company needs to define. And yet too often, we focus on the ideal buyer - that is, the one making the initial purchase. This approach is shortsighted, especially in the subscription economy, where as...

Will the Sales Department of the Future Report to Customer Success?

Roger Lee at Battery Ventures held a dinner for Customer Success leaders tonight in Oakland with about 35 people from their portfolio companies. The timing was not an accident; the dinner was deliberately held on the eve of Pulse 2016, the...

Why does Net Promoter Score fall short?

Everywhere you turn these days, someone wants to ask the Net Promoter Score question. When first introduced in an HBR article in 2003, it was a welcome way to simplify the customer discovery task. And NPS remains a useful tool.


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