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It’s A Must-Buy: Authenticity and Fundamental Change

I want to start by making a statement, a heresy that flies in the face of all good sales technique. Here it goes: 

Strike Up The Band: Customer Success and Pulse NYC 2017

Last week Eigenworks had the thrill of travelling to New York City to attend the NYC leg of the 2017 Pulse World Tour. With Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and the good people at Work-Bench as our gracious hosts, we joined a passionate group of sales...

Win/Loss Analysis MUST include wins (success stories don't count)

If you want to improve your win rates in the market, it is important that you study wins, and not just losses.

A Tale of Differentiation: The Discounter vs. The Price Leader

On Monday I met with two companies with very different approaches to price and margin. One company's sales team said:

"one of our strengths is that we are so flexible on price."

They view it as a differentiator that they are willing to get the...


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