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Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, here are more Rules and Laws to help Product Managers in their jobs.

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 1)

First, let me say this post was inspired by a tweet from the CrankyPM asking the following question.

ProductCamp Toronto 2010 roundup

It's been about 10 days since we help ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010.

Disruptive business model: Lew Cirne, serial entrepreneur on the future of Enterprise Software

Lewis Cirne (@sweetlew) believes that enterprise software needs to change, and his latest venture, New Relic, has blazed a path to do just that.

Marketing on a shoestring: Lunch spot gets prime-time news coverage for $250

Everyone's talking about saving money these days. But how about boosting demand with very little money to spend? Here's a story about a corner lunch spot that has spent about $250 in a month and received a huge amount of free publicity and local...

Socks in awe: Customer interviews vs. User observation

Yesterday's article about primary product requirements generated a great deal of traffic and several interesting and insightful comments. To recap, I was talking about examples of products from every-day life that fail to meet some core use...

If only we had ...

This is personal.

Honey, I bought the Phone. Confessions from the Cambridge Apple Store.

I have a perfectly good Blackberry 8200 series, but I've been waiting for a chance to hit the Apple store to check out the iPhone. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you know that we've been paying attention to this product launch.

SaaS: A revolt against Enterprise Software

How many failed enterprise IT projects will it take, till too many people have died?

OK, the Bob Dylan reference may be overkill, but SaaS represents a revolt against the sins of enterprise software past. The challenge today selling enterprise...

I gotta camp out to get me some of that ... iPhone camping guide

It's a phone. It's really just a phone. But it's also internet, chat, camera. All of which exist. But this, this is the iPhone.

Here is a site that helps you stake out places to sleep, eat, and, yes, go to the bathroom, in the vicinity of the iPhone...

Software as a Service (SaaS) and the enterprise

Some people believe that SaaS will be adopted only by small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), but not the enterprise. I disagree with that. In fact, SaaS will soon become the primary mode of consuming software for many of the mundane...

Safari for Windows: Shock and Yawn

By now it is all over the web: Yesterday, Apple has released it's web browser, Safari, for Windows. When I first heard the news by live feed to the keynote at WWDC, I must admit that I was non-plussed. I mean, didn't the browser wars end 10 years...

One-stop specialty bicycle spa ... could this idea fly?

I have started cycling to work. I used to cycle all the time, until I moved to the San Francisco bay area, and my daily commute was 25 miles in each direction by freeway. When I returned to Toronto, I found it hard to get back in to cycling, but by...


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