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Budget Isn't The Problem: Mistaking Churn Triggers for Churn Reasons

At Eigenworks our views are always evolving, always growing, as we come to understand churn more deeply than we did before and how it affects your business. Today we want to talk about churn triggers and reasons for churn - what they are, why...

Thoughts on Pulse 2018 -- I’m Fired Up!

It’s been two weeks since Pulse 2018, and I’m still reflecting on this awesome event.

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, here are more Rules and Laws to help Product Managers in their jobs.

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 1)

First, let me say this post was inspired by a tweet from the CrankyPM asking the following question.

If only we had ...

This is personal.

SaaS: A revolt against Enterprise Software

How many failed enterprise IT projects will it take: 'til too many people have died?

OK, the Bob Dylan reference may be overkill, but SaaS represents a revolt against the sins of enterprise software past. The challenge today selling enterprise...

Software as a Service (SaaS) and the enterprise

Some people believe that SaaS will be adopted only by small-and-medium-size businesses (SMBs), but not the enterprise. I disagree with that. In fact, SaaS will soon become the primary mode of consuming software for many of the mundane...

Safari for Windows: Shock and Yawn

By now it is all over the web: Yesterday, Apple has released it's web browser, Safari, for Windows. When I first heard the news by live feed to the keynote at WWDC, I must admit that I was non-plussed. I mean, didn't the browser wars end 10 years...


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