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Join the Conversation on Win/Loss

Back in October, a couple of us from the Eigenworks office attended the inaugural Competitive Marketing Summit in Denver, Colorado.  

This two-day event billed itself as “the #1 competitive intelligence conference dedicated to the high tech...

Continuity of Service: Why You Need To Retain Your People

In a world in which ‘new’ is always being hyped as being better and desirable, there’s something to be said for retaining the familiar, especially when it comes to our interactions with our clients. Clients crave consistency, of knowing that...

Know When To Fold 'Em: Accepting Unavoidable Churn

Much of what we do at Eigenworks is aimed at helping companies retain customers. We seek to understand why customers leave or “churn”, and identify strategies that can help retain more of them in the future.

The Gaps in Win/Loss Analysis: Why Sales Doesn't Have the Full Story.

Is Win/Loss Analysis Too Sensitive To Share?

After a month of interviews, analysis, data slicing, and late nights, your win/loss analysis is ready for release. You send it out with a solemn hope that your keen insights have shaped a report worth reading - but within three hours harsh words...

Customer Success Conversations Podcast: CS and Churn Analysis

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Joseph from CustomerSuccessManager.com. Adam is the host of the Customer Success Conversations podcast, which brings in champions of customer success to talk about the burgeoning discipline –...

Diamonds In The Rough: Win/Loss Analysis & the Things You Already Know

Think of the people around you in the office. Imagine making a detailed list of what they think of you. How certain are you that the list is accurate? Certain enough to place a large bet on it? If the people around you were speaking candidly,...

Introducing the Chalk Talks: An Insider's Look At Win/Loss Analysis

Every day at Eigenworks we talk about the psychology of sales. Every day we debate the meaning of churn and the best way to manage retention. Every day we come into work and transform into philosophers, ready at any moment to stake a claim to the...

Strike Up The Band: Customer Success and Pulse NYC 2017

Last week Eigenworks had the thrill of travelling to New York City to attend the NYC leg of the 2017 Pulse World Tour. With Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and the good people at Work-Bench as our gracious hosts, we joined a passionate group of sales...

Employees Take Center Stage With Theatre of Commerce

Eigenworks recently had the privilege of taking part in a workshop with Charles McFarland’s Theatre of Commerce - two days of role-play, laughter, and learning to understand ourselves. At Eigenworks we promote win/loss analysis and churn analysis...

The Factory vs. The Lab: Leaders know Which is Which

Teams requires both a laboratory, to innovate and design, and a factory, to build and deliver. Unfortunately teams, companies, and individuals spend too much time in the lab or the factory, and often confuse the these two very different...

Leaders don't make excuses: Crossing the Rubicon of Product Leadership

This week some titillating stories were published about Apple's internal culture. Among the news: Apple has hired a pair of ivy-league biz profs to codify its internal processes, leadership, and management culture. The case studies will be used...

10,000 Hours of Product Management

Have you read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell? It takes a lot of thinking about success and turns the thinking upside down. It's a quick and easy read, but I found it quite thought provoking and it's full of great stories.

Please delete your first three slides (or move them)

By Alan Armstrong

Raise your hand if your standard pitch deck starts a bit like this:

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, here are more Rules and Laws to help Product Managers in their jobs.

WWANPD (What would a normal person do?)

I was walking with my friend Michael last week in the Oakland hills, and he came out with the most hilarious question: What would a normal person do?

How You Should Handle Being Stood Up

I'm typing this on my iPhone after just having been stood up for an appointment ... actually just a beer with a colleague.

How does one handle such things? Is it a personal affront? Should I be upset? Hold it against the person? Or overly...

Games Management Plays: Guess What's in the Envelope

Some of you will be too young to remember Johnny Carson playing Carnac the Magnificent. But I am guessing you've seen this game before. On the Carson show, Johnny would hold an envelope to his head, pretend to intuit a phrase, then open the...

Product Managers: Do the opposite!

If the product management surveys are to be believed, most product managers spend very little time doing the things we know that we should be doing, and instead spend all our time managing logistics, and doing detailed work in marketing,...

How Different People Handle Change

As a Product Manager, you are required to deal with all parts of the company, from marketing to development to finance to operations to the executive team; you need to be able to work with all of them. Furthermore, you are often an agent of...


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