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A tale of two companies: The discounter and the price leader

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Who's in charge of price? (Hint: It's the person who speaks with the buyer.)

Eigenworks is shopping for a product. Over the last few months I've been looking to license some software from a vendor. The price is not astronomical, but it's a significant chunk for a company of our size. If we license the product, the vendor...

Good PR or another bad pricing move?

If things come in three, I'm expecting another example of bad pricing policy to come my way in the next 24 hours. I just finished writing about how my shoe cobbler is leaving money on the table when along came another prime example of it.

Value-based pricing

One day last week, my sandals broke. One of the straps just came undone at the seams. These were pretty nice sandals; I got them on sale for $75, but they retail at about $200 in Canada, and there were in otherwise good shape. So I decided to get...

Software as a Service: Just a delivery model?

I was speaking yesterday with someone in charge of the SaaS initiative at a very large technology company. In the conversation he described Software as a Service (SaaS) as a "delivery model". Now of course SaaS is a delivery model, but it is not ...

Negotiation 101: You have to give to get

Repeat after me: It's not (only) about price.

Why is it that in the end, negotiations so often come down to price? I have worked with sellers for many years now, and I am often dismayed at how little power they feel during a negotiation, and even...

Experiences with pricing

I have a band. When we got started, we worked for free. Our clients loved to book us, but when we showed up at the gig, we really got not respect. They would keep us for hours, not provide breaks for us, and worst of all, the emcee would start...


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