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Opening-Up the Untalkative Buyer

Picture yourself about to conduct a win/loss interview. You have a list of thoughtful, engaging questions in front of you, a page of notes, and (hopefully!) a fresh cup of pour over. You’ve done your research – you know the company you’re about...

Buyer Personas: Should you study Buyers, Customers, or Potentials?

Buyer personas have become critical to many organizations in the past few years - every business is encouraged to codify their optimal buyers’ roles, traits, and behaviours into profiles to help unify marketing and sales’ targeting techniques....

The Unhappy Buyer: When Win/Loss Calls Go Bad

You reach for the phone, eager with anticipation. You’re making a win/loss call, and this one’s a win. It’s a chance to hear what it is you’re doing right, and perhaps bask a little in the praise of a buyer. But no sooner have you made your...

Expert Chalk-Talk #5: Saturation and Sample Size

The Expert Chalk-Talk series returns! Today Eignworks Founder and CEO Alan Armstrong leads us through the wild world of saturation and sample size: when do you reach saturation, what do you when you get there, and why does it matter?...

McNamara’s Myopia: Why Quantitative Data Can Kill

There’s an old anecdote that, at the height of the Vietnam War in 1969, an order was given that all the quantitative data the US military possessed was to be fed into a supercomputer in the basement of the Pentagon. The computer was given...

Introducing the Chalk Talks: An Insider's Look At Win/Loss Analysis

Every day at Eigenworks we talk about the psychology of sales. Every day we debate the meaning of churn and the best way to manage retention. Every day we come into work and transform into philosophers, ready at any moment to stake a claim to the...

Employees Take Center Stage With Theatre of Commerce

Eigenworks recently had the privilege of taking part in a workshop with Charles McFarland’s Theatre of Commerce - two days of role-play, laughter, and learning to understand ourselves. At Eigenworks we promote win/loss analysis and churn analysis...

Don’t Do It! You Can’t Replace Buyer Interviews with Focus Group Panels

Focus Group Panels are Great and All, But They Don’t Get the Full Story

We recently chatted with a prospective client who said that they do their own win/loss and churn analysis in-house. Great! They told us that they see the value in hiring a...

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, here are more Rules and Laws to help Product Managers in their jobs.

Rules and Laws Product Managers Should Understand (part 1)

First, let me say this post was inspired by a tweet from the CrankyPM asking the following question.

Competitive intelligence using lost deals

Another idea for PMs who lack permission to do win/loss analysis

Contacting lost accounts

Customers will normally schedule time to speak with you, but it's not easy to get ahold of lost accounts. My hit ratio is about 50%, meaning that if I want to speak with 10 accounts, I need to target 20.

Primary product requirements

Some products seem to fail at their primary requirements. What is the primary requirement of your product? Here are a couple of examples from everyday life. I hope these examples help you reflect on the primary use case of your product and how...

How NOT to do Win/Loss Analysis part 1: CRM Reporting

When I first meet the product (marketing) managers in a client engagement, they are often confused about why the CEO, VP Sales, or VP Marketing has hired my firm. The PMs present me with their own Win/Loss Analysis report, and wonder what we are...

What’s the deal with Win/Loss Analysis?

Last week’s poll about Win/Loss Analysis has pointed out some grim facts about us as product managers. To summarize:


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