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Non-Obvious Lessons Learned from a Few Thousand Buyer Interviews

I’m hanging out this week at Saastr 2017. Great conference, great speakers. Tons of insight. Very cool to hear Twillio’s story straight from Jeff Lawson, and hear CEOs reflect on what changes at $20M, 50M, and $100M ARR, straight from veterans...

A tale of two companies: The discounter and the price leader

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Thank you Plaxo: You synchronize my life

For years I have wanted this service. Some promised, but no one delivered. And now along comes Plaxo.

SaaS: A revolt against Enterprise Software

How many failed enterprise IT projects will it take, till too many people have died?

OK, the Bob Dylan reference may be overkill, but SaaS represents a revolt against the sins of enterprise software past. The challenge today selling enterprise...

Software as a Service: Just a delivery model?

I was speaking yesterday with someone in charge of the SaaS initiative at a very large technology company. In the conversation he described Software as a Service (SaaS) as a "delivery model". Now of course SaaS is a delivery model, but it is not ...

Can we chat about sales introductions?

Call me strange. I will often listen to a sales introduction or a marketing pitches even when I'm not interested in the product. It intrigues me to explore what works and what does not. Today I got one that made me chuckle. On the surface, this...

Software as a Service (SaaS) and the enterprise

Some people believe that SaaS will be adopted only by small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), but not the enterprise. I disagree with that. In fact, SaaS will soon become the primary mode of consuming software for many of the mundane...


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