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What to Consider Before Entering a New Market

Consider this scenario:you’re a new vendor about to enter the market - or you’re an established vendor about to launch a new product, or expand into a new market. You’re new, is the key factor: this isn’t a space you’ve sold product in before. 


Whether or Which One: Assessing the Buyer

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re talking to the wrong person?

Identify and Diagnose Customer Churn

Our latest article has been published courtesy our friends at Pragmatic Marketing. In Identify and Diagnose Customer Churn we cover everything you need to know about the orbits of a potential customer. We’ve taken the classic sales model of sales...

The Robust Delusion: Over Selling The Product

In your day-to-day life, if someone told you that a new commercially-available, off-the-shelf vitamin pill was the cure for any illness - from the common cold through to terminal diseases - you would very likely regard the claim with skepticism....

Are You A Vendor Or A Partner?

In the B2B world there are two kinds of companies: those who are merely interested in selling to their buyers, and those who genuinely want to be a partner in helping their buyers achieve their goals. The former are always eager to make deals and...

Is Win/Loss Analysis Too Sensitive To Share?

After a month of interviews, analysis, data slicing, and late nights, your win/loss analysis is ready for release. You send it out with a solemn hope that your keen insights have shaped a report worth reading - but within three hours harsh words...

Your Resume: A Product Positioning Exercise

A 20-something friend of mine (let’s call him ‘Arthur’) recently wrote to me asking for a critique on his resume and advice on how to find a position he might enjoy. His resume contained a ton of interesting experience (he called it 'eclectic'),...

Buyer/Seller Relationships: When is Personal Unprofessional?

Every seller I know relies on their relationship skills. It’s natural and essential to build rapport with prospects and buyers: we depend on sellers, and many are very, very good.

The Right Thing To Do: How Buyer Logic Shapes Fundamental Change

At Eigenworks, one of our precepts is that ‘data isn’t everything.’ It’s the founding principle behind our Buyer-As-Hero™ ethos, and has sometimes brought us into conflict with companies for whom ‘data-driven’ is the be-all and end-all of...

It’s A Must-Buy: Authenticity and Fundamental Change

I want to start by making a statement, a heresy that flies in the face of all good sales technique. Here it goes: 

Employees Take Center Stage With Theatre of Commerce

Eigenworks recently had the privilege of taking part in a workshop with Charles McFarland’s Theatre of Commerce - two days of role-play, laughter, and learning to understand ourselves. At Eigenworks we promote win/loss analysis and churn analysis...

Churn Analysis and the Buyer-As-Hero

We’ve previously covered the three types of churn: Green Churn, Failure to Thrive, and Sudden Change. We talked about what made them what they were: how the optics of health scores can be misleading, and how churn analysis cannot fix a problem -...

Seeing the Full Picture: The 360° Win/Loss View

In our last article on the subject, Can You Hear Me Now , we argued that what a salesperson says to a buyer and what the buyer actually hears are generally not the same thing, and this impacts the feedback that buyers give to their sales reps. We...

Delivering Continuous Value in Competitive Intelligence

We’ve written previously about Competitive Intelligence and how Agile principles can help teams get ahead of the curve, rather than reacting to sales panic.

Why I Use Kanban

When I Use It and When I Don’t.

By now you have probably seen the image of the team standing a at a whiteboard or office wall studying a colorful mosaic of stickies.The board doesn’t always look the same: sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s...

The 3 Steps To Rehabilitate the Buyer/Sales Relationship

Do you think of Sales as a relationship of adversaries, friends, or partners? Of course if we put it that way, everyone will choose partners, but it rarely looks that way in practice. I recently talked to the head of a major tech advisory...

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Buyer’s Voice and the Art of Listening

Salespeople, this first question goes out to you: if I were to ask you how often you listen to your buyers, I suspect most-if-not-all of you would say “always.” In fact, I bet most of you would say...

Will the Sales Department of the Future Report to Customer Success?

Roger Lee at Battery Ventures held a dinner for Customer Success leaders tonight in Oakland with about 35 people from their portfolio companies. The timing was not an accident; the dinner was deliberately held on the eve of Pulse 2016, the...

Does sales really "own" the customer relationship?

I hear this all the time: "Sales owns the customer relationship." Not true, folks. If it is true at your company, you've got a problem.

A Tale of Differentiation: The Discounter vs. The Price Leader

On Monday I met with two companies with very different approaches to price and margin. One company's sales team said:

"one of our strengths is that we are so flexible on price."

They view it as a differentiator that they are willing to get the...

Unsticking the stuck deal

By Alan Armstrong

Have you ever heard this story before?

Your price is (probably) not the problem

By Alan Armstrong

A true story: The date was June 23, 7 days before quarter-end. Terri came to the sales meeting and said she could close another deal, this one for $75k, but she needed a 50% discount to make it happen. Discount granted, and $150k...

Thanks for the discount, I'm still not buying yet

By Alan Armstrong

A true story:

Your CV is a sales document, not a feature sheet

Last weekend my nephew Josh asked me to take a look at his résumé. He's only 17 years old, so how hard could it be? Provide his name, address, phone number, and job history, right?

How to get a lost account to speak with you

One of the most difficult things in Win/Loss Analysis is getting someone from a lost account to speak with you. Why would they spend the time, and why would they reveal anything to you? Once an evaluator rules you out, they have absolutely no...

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