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Is your Disorder Really your Genius?

Every person has a kind of genius. Sadly, many "geniuses" (instances of genius) appear as awkward, difficult, or maybe socially uncomfortable. This is mostly about other people, but unfortunately it means that many instances of genius get diminished...

Do you ever go on retreat? (vacation doesn't count)

Some professions have a tradition of going on retreat. I'm not talking here about vacatation with family or friends, although those are enjoyable and good for us. But I'm talking about an actual retreat, in which you take time away from the...

Seth Godin's reading list

Seth Godin posted a long list of interesting books he's been reading these days. Worth a look.

Here it is: Seth Godin's Book Roundup 09/09

By the way, if you don't already read Seth's blog, I highly recommend it. I subscribe by email. He offers...


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