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Can You Hear Me Now?

The Buyer’s Voice and the Art of Listening

Salespeople, this first question goes out to you: if I were to ask you how often you listen to your buyers, I suspect most-if-not-all of you would say “always.” In fact, I bet most of you would say...

Who owns churn analysis?

I often get asked who should own churn analysis for SaaS companies. It's a tough question because the discipline of customer success is still being defined, and many companies are just establishing customer success departments.

Why you should publish Win/Loss and Churn Analysis Reports to the broadest possible audience

Our Win/Loss and Churn Analysis reports contain incredibly candid and detailed information about a buyer's decision making process. Because of this sensitivity, many clients understandably want to manage the information tightly and distribute...

Non-Obvious Lessons Learned from a Few Thousand Buyer Interviews

I’m hanging out this week at Saastr 2017. Great conference, great speakers. Tons of insight. Very cool to hear Twillio’s story straight from Jeff Lawson, and hear CEOs reflect on what changes at $20M, 50M, and $100M ARR, straight from veterans...

In-House Win/Loss and Churn Analysis: To Do or Not To Do

We’ve all heard the phrase: “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself”. My take is that’s not exactly always true.

Knowing Why You Lose Won't Always Help You Win

When you’re unhappy with your win/loss ratio, sales and marketing leaders naturally gravitate toward examining losses to find ways to turn things around. The reasoning is simple: When something’s broken, you look for ways to fix it. Maybe it was...

Why Would You Need a Psychologist to Analyze Market Research?

I was recently recruited to join the Eigenworks team as an analyst for buyer intelligence. It may come as a surprise to some that a market research company, specializing in win/loss analysis, would need psychologists on their team. In fact, it...

Don't be too proud of your product

A buyer's maturity should influence, even control, how you pitch your product. Immature buyers want to be educated, and want you to show them how they will be successful with the very basics of your service. They should also be able to access more...

How to get feedback on lost deals

Many people who contact me about win/loss analysis are really only interested in loss analysis, or in understanding why they lose. They think they know why they win business, but are puzzled about why they lose, and they believe that they can learn...

Dear Alan: 15 minute interview guide for Win/Loss Analysis?

I recently had a request asking for help to design a win/loss analysis interview. As this topic has general applicability across industries, I thought I'd share some of that exchange with you, dear readers.

Positioning beyond the product: Think relationship

When I say "positioning", what do you think of?

How can Win/Loss Analysis help you find untapped markets?

By Alan Armstrong

The Factory vs. The Lab: Leaders know which is which, and mistakes are costly


Win/Loss Analysis MUST include wins (success stories don't count)


If you want to improve your win rates in the market, it is important that you study wins, and not just losses.

A tale of two companies: The discounter and the price leader

Tweet this: New post @OnPM: "The discounter and the price leader" by @AWArmstrong http://wp.me/pXBON-2mq #prodmgmt #sales #negotiation #strategy #price

Unsticking the stuck deal

By Alan Armstrong

Have you ever heard this story before?

Your price is (probably) not the problem

By Alan Armstrong

A true story: The date was June 23, 7 days before quarter-end. Terri came to the sales meeting and said she could close another deal, this one for $75k, but she needed a 50% discount to make it happen. Discount granted, and $150k...

Exactly like me: The perfect reference customer

By Alan Armstrong

Most companies think that any satisfied customer is a good reference customer. But the truth is very different, and companies have lost deals because they don't understand what's going on or how to select a good reference. So...

Steve Johnson on Win/Loss, Ivan Chalif's Digest, and Alan's musings about the discipline of PM

Steve Johnson has probably taught 50,000 people how to do Win/Loss Analysis. Here are his views on Win/Loss Analysis. We couldn't agree more.

OnPM speaking @ pcamp NYC

Hi folks, Alan here. I can't actually promise that I will be speaking at Product Camp NYC. Why? Because this is an unconference, and the participants will choose the topics and vote with their feet. I love the concept. How many conferences have...

Summer's here: Do something different

Yes, summer is here, and the vacations are beginning.

(How) do you measure customer satisfaction?

Dear Readers,

Who's in charge of price? (Hint: It's the person who speaks with the buyer.)

Eigenworks is shopping for a product. Over the last few months I've been looking to license some software from a vendor. The price is not astronomical, but it's a significant chunk for a company of our size. If we license the product, the vendor...

How to get a lost account to speak with you

One of the most difficult things in Win/Loss Analysis is getting someone from a lost account to speak with you. Why would they spend the time, and why would they reveal anything to you? Once an evaluator rules you out, they have absolutely no...

Competitive intelligence using lost deals

Another idea for PMs who lack permission to do win/loss analysis

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