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Forget your resumé. Do an unsolicited loss analysis ...

pencilsYou're applying, or interviewing for a big job? You're in sales, product, marketing, or biz dev? Forget sending your resumé out ... here's an idea that will get you noticed: Conduct an unsolicited loss analysis, gain insight into what's driving their business, and send it to them as a sample of what you can deliver.

  1. Identify a lost account: Look at the competitive websites, and identify a "win" ... a win for their competitor is probably a loss for the company where you want to work.
  2. Find a few target interviewees: The competitor's success stories will often name the executive in charge or champion. Look around LinkedIn and call around if needed to find the right person.
  3. Be honest and up-front: Tell the interviewee that you want some help; you're considering a job with a company they did not buy, and you want to better understand the market through their eyes.
  4. Position your analysis before you send it: Don't pretend this one interview is representative of what they need to change, but rather it's representative of what you care about, and the insight you want to bring to their business.

You'll be the only person bringing this to the table. Go for it. And let me know how it goes!

- Alan

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