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Upcoming Talk at SCIP 2017: Start With Buy

Start With Buy: Blackbaud Fires Up a Buyer-Centric Competitive Intelligence Program Using an Agile Approach

We're travelling to Atlanta, May 15-18, for the 32nd Annual Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals Conference and Exhibition. Eigenworks' own Alan Armstrong, along with Allison Van Diest, Director of Marketing and Competitive Intelligence at Blackbaud, will give a talk on the importance of being buyer-centric and agile in the modern competitive intelligence space.

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Traditionally, competitive Intelligence tends to address specific needs or fill competitive knowledge gaps due to a specific situation. These situations generally pertain to learning more about wins and trying hard to avoid losses. But where do these reactive competitive intelligence projects start? Typically by aiming the lens at competitors - their product features, go-to-market strategy, price, and so on. “What are they doing? How are they doing it?  How can we do it better?”

Unfortunately, this approach is backwards.

In this talk, Alan and Allison argue that the most effective competitive intelligence focuses on the buyer. This type of intelligence, what we call Buyer Intelligence, turns the lens away from competitors and instead turns it on buyers. Buyer Intelligence aims to provide clarity on buying behaviors and decisions. Paying homage to Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why,” Alan argues that effective competitive intelligence needs to “Start with Buy.

In this SCIP session, attendees will learn about the benefits of focusing on the buyer. Attendees will learn about Buyer Intelligence, the buyer-centric approach to competitive intelligence, and how it can be leveraged to give them the competitive edge needed to excel their company's’ growth. The session will also introduce the notion of Agile to competitive intelligence, and how an Agile CI Program can help organizations not only gain buyer insights but prioritize and act upon on those insights quickly and effectively.

Alan Armstrong is a seasoned B2B CI expert and the Founder/CEO of Eigenworks. Allison Van Diest is Director of Marketing and Competitive Intelligence at Blackbaud, the definitive leader in sophisticated software solutions for the global non-profit community. Allison is the first Director of Blackbaud’s recently formalized Competitive Intelligence business unit. In this session, Allison will offer a first-hand account of how she built her Competitive Intelligence program internally, and how she effectively turned the lens on Blackbaud's buyers to get deep insights into how Blackbaud’s go-to-market stacked up, and continues to stack up, against competitors.

Attendees can expect the following outcomes from this session:

  1. Learn how Blackbaud formalized the CI function, and quickly created a foundation of Competitive and Buyer Intelligence for the company.   
  2. Learn how to elicit feedback from buyers for rich understanding of purchase decisions through means unlike traditional CI techniques.
  3. Equip your organization with the information necessary for fundamental change both within and outside of your business.
  4. Learn about Blackbaud's next steps using an Agile CI approach, and what Agile CI could bring to your organization.

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