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What is your Minimal Viable Investment in yourself?

Later this year, I will turn 45. And I'll tell you, Louis CK was right. Things slowly stop working at around 40, and by 45, there's no denying that the body, at least without a lot of attention, will just wear out

Of course it will do that. But so much can be done to have a much healthier fifth decade, and sixth, and seventh ... in fact, in many of our lives, we can feel younger next year, maybe primarily because we have let it slide a little too much over the past decade or more.

I've had to really reassess my approach to my own health this year. And I started asking myself, with all the talk of MVP, what is my own MVP ... my minimum viable personhood!? And how much do I need to invest in myself to enjoy this month, this year, this decade? It's a hell of a lot more than I had been investing.

I've noticed a few things as I've begun down this path in 2016:

  • My body doesn't recover as quickly as it used to. I retain "mass", my metabolism is stubborn, and making changes is harder than it ever has been.
  • My initial focus on vanity metrics was misplaced. My mass and my circumference will take a while, maybe a year or two!, to change significantly. 
  • I'm best to focus on how I feel. I started a very sane exercise program 4 weeks ago, and it emphasizes both rest and exertion. I'm telling you, my body (and yours) needs the rest, especially as I begin to increase my exertion! 

And the best part is that I do feel better each day. 4 weeks in to a healthier life, I may not look a lot different on the outside (hard to tell, anyway), but the changes I've made have given me more energy and a more positive and resilient outlook. Which benefits everybody.

Lean metrics doesn't have to be only about products or software. With all the thought you give to your work, to your business, and to others, it might be time to give yourself some attention too. 

- Alan

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