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When I'm 74? Discerning when it's time to let it be

Sir Paul McCartney is still touring! I've loved Sir Paul as much as I've loved any musician ever; he, unlike anyone I can conjure, can be sweet and lyrical, yet also amaze us with down-n-dirty rock-n-roll, sometimes all in the same song, sometimes all in the same musical phrase. He's been a constant voice, in one incarnation or another, for the last 50 years of popular music. And yet, he's still touring at age 74. The other day, his performance at Desert Trip with several other septuagenarians was posted by a friend of mine, and I naturally clicked through. I wish I hadn't.

McCartney's voice was in painful shape. This is a man who could once span four octaves, one of the largest vocal ranges in popular music.  In yesterday's concert, he wasn't hitting the notes, and honestly his voice sounded like ... a 74 year old. 



Don't get me wrong; I'm not down on aging. Quite the opposite; I think there are graceful ways to age, and in fact we need more elders in our world. Sir Paul could be one of those. But it appears from his touring schedule, he's still playing the role of the young rocker. Not willing to go quietly.

All of this makes me think about you, Ms. Executive; Mr. Executive. Are you clinging to something that you need to release? Is it time to say goodbye to what or who you once where? Are you hanging on to a job for the stock options? Are you clinging to a relationship that is keeping you in a box you need to break out of?

I used to think that I could evolve into "what's next" without letting go of "what's here now". That is true sometimes, the biggest transformations in life have always required me to let go of the past before the future would reveal itself. 


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