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Why you should publish Win/Loss and Churn Analysis Reports to the broadest possible audience

Our Win/Loss and Churn Analysis reports contain incredibly candid and detailed information about a buyer's decision making process. Because of this sensitivity, many clients understandably want to manage the information tightly and distribute selectively. Sometimes there is a single owner who keeps the analysis to herself as a way of amassing authority.

This approach is understandable, but it's not optimal. Our most successful clients are the ones who distribute the full, unfiltered win/loss analysis as broadly as possible.

Increase the coefficient of buyer knowledge in every decision

Why? I think of it as increasing the coefficient of buyer intelligence at play in every decision your employees are making. Think about it. Tech employees don't really do physical work; the only work we do is cognitive. So you're depending on your employees to make good decisions. You have knowledge workers; they make decisions, and the better those decisions, the more effective your company will be. Of course, your strategy is critical, your strategic initiatives are important, and the Big Executive Decisions matter. But once you set strategy, you rely on people to carry out that strategy in their every day interactions.

Imagine, then, if you could increase the amount of empathy for your buyers and customers that is at play in each little decision. Maybe one win/loss analysis or churn analysis report doesn't do much. But if you give people a steady stream of information (and verbatim quotes) gleaned from real buyers and customers, it is going to improve your employees understanding of the customer, and in so doing, improve the quality of the decisions they make.

There is one exception: We always redact complaints about a specific individual, especially sales and service people. We don't want to publicly point out mistakes because it causes people to be more protective, and shuts down learning opportunities. We've had some CEOs who willingly publish their own mistakes to set an example, and I think that's both admirable and does a ton to set an example and create a culture of learning.

Hope this helps. Please comment with follow-on questions or share your own experience.

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