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(How) do you measure customer satisfaction?

Dear Readers,

I will be writing an article on how to measure customer satisfaction in B2B software. To prepare for that article I would like to hear your experiences or read articles that you find useful.

If you have a useful article on the topic, or personal experience measuring customer satisfaction, I would love to hear from you. Please email me directly at customersat@eigenworks.com

Here are some focusing questions:

Do you measure customer satisfaction?

  • Simple question: do you measure it?

What to measure

  • what are your "leading indicators" of customer satisfaction?
  • is customer satisfaction the right thing to measure? what about customer success?
  • how do you measure for referenceability?
  • how do you measure for customer's liklihood of re-purchasing?

How do you take the measurements?

  • Do you use quantitative measurements? If so, how do you administer these? Direct calls? Web surveys?
  • What kind of response rates do you get to your web surveys? To your phone calls?
  • Have you ever used an external agency? If so, which one(s)?

Have you read any good articles or books on this topic?

Thank you. I appreciate your responses.

- Alan

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