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Steve Johnson on Win/Loss, Ivan Chalif's Digest, and Alan's musings about the discipline of PM

Steve Johnson has probably taught 50,000 people how to do Win/Loss Analysis. Here are his views on Win/Loss Analysis. We couldn't agree more.

Ivan Chalif at The Productologist has also posted a PM Digest for the week of August 4. Cool idea... here it is.

Ivan, thanks for including us. Steve, thanks for the plug.

I've been amazed recently at the growing buzz on Twitter and the growing number of PM-related blogs. For a long time I have felt that the discipline of Product Management is not improving much, despite the improvements made by indvidual Product Managers. Product Management as a discipline is still in its infancy, and still immature.

Is social media providing a light in the tunnel? I see Twitter beginning to help us all collaborate. If you are wondering what I mean, tune in to the #prodmgmt tag on Twitter.

Unconferences are also popping up all over North America (and Europe?) in much the same way that PM Associations were doing in the early 2000's.

I wonder how we might accelerate this to collaborate on something even bigger. We (mostly Saeed) have talked in the past about the need for a PM Manifesto, akin to the Agile Manifesto. Perhaps this is a topic to pick up at the Austin Product Camp: How can we move our whole discipline forward? I might just propose a session. Tell me your thoughts.

- Alan

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